• Piracy Infographic

    posted by Keito
    2012-10-02 18:38:18
  • Japan: Police arrest "anti DRM" journalists

    posted by Keito
    2012-07-22 20:40:49
    4 journalists from SANSAI BOOKS have been arrested for selling, through the company website, a copy of a magazine published last year (with a free cover mounted disc) focused on how to backup/rip DVDs.

    "They violated Japan's Unfair Competition Prevention Law that recently has been revised to make illegal the sale of any DRM circumvention device or software.

    It's interesting to note that Japanese cyber Police could arrest the Amazon Japan CEO too as the online giant is selling a lot of magazines, books and software packages for DVD copy and ripping: exactly what put in trouble Sansai Books staff. But I bet Amazon Japan offices will not get any visit from the local police...

    The Japanese entertainment industry is getting full support from politicians for laws that make SOPA looks like a liberal legislation (from this October downloading a single illegal MP3 could land a Japanese p2p user in jail for 2 years).

    Among other things this law makes illegal all the Linux distributions which come pre-installed with libdvdcss like BackTrack, CrunchBang Linux, LinuxMCE, Linux Mint, PCLinuxOS, Puppy Linux 4.2.1, Recovery Is Possible, Slax, Super OS, Pardus, and XBMC Live.

    Looks like the entertainment industry wants to attack Sansai Books and make it an example for everyone because it is a publishing company focused on digital backup freedom.

    There is virtually no discussion among journalists and technology experts about 4 colleagues arrested. This makes me wonder how a country so advanced like Japan can progess without developing a cultural background about these issues."