• Lifelike - Discomachine

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    2013-06-09 14:19:39
  • Malware inserted on PC production lines, says study

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    2012-09-13 19:44:47
    'Cybercriminals have opened a new front in their battle to infect computers with malware - PC production lines.

    Several new computers have been found carrying malware installed in the factory, suggests a Microsoft study.

    One virus called Nitol found by Microsoft steals personal details to help criminals plunder online bank accounts.

    Microsoft won permission from a US court to tackle the network of hijacked PCs made from Nitol-infected computers.

    ---Domain game---

    In a report detailing its work to disrupt the Nitol botnet, Microsoft said the criminals behind the malicious program had exploited insecure supply chains to get viruses installed as PCs were being built.

    The viruses were discovered when Microsoft digital crime investigators bought 20 PCs, 10 desktops and 10 laptops from different cities in China.

    Four of the computers were infected with malicious programs even though they were fresh from the factory.

    Microsoft set up and ran Operation b70 to investigate and found that the four viruses were included in counterfeit software some Chinese PC makers were installing on computers.

    Nitol was the most pernicious of the viruses Microsoft caught because, as soon as the computer was turned on, it tried to contact the command and control system set up by Nitol's makers to steal data from infected machines.

    Further investigation revealed that the botnet behind Nitol was being run from a web domain that had been involved in cybercrime since 2008. Also on that domain were 70,000 separate sub-domains used by 500 separate strains of malware to fool victims or steal data.

    "We found malware capable of remotely turning on an infected computer's microphone and video camera, potentially giving a cybercriminal eyes and ears into a victim's home or business," said Richard Boscovich, a lawyer in Microsoft's digital crimes unit in a blogpost.

    A US court has now given Microsoft permission to seize control of the web domain,, which it claims is involved with the Nitol infections. This will allow it to filter out legitimate data and block traffic stolen by the viruses.

    Peng Yong, the Chinese owner of the domain, told the AP news agency that he knew nothing about Microsoft's legal action and said his company had a "zero tolerance" attitude towards illegal activity on the domain.

    "Our policy unequivocally opposes the use of any of our domain names for malicious purposes," Peng told AP.

    However, he added, the sheer number of users it had to police meant it could not be sure that all activity was legitimate.

    "We currently have 2.85 million domain names and cannot exclude that individual users might be using domain names for malicious purposes," he said.'
  • Life Support Machine Volume 1 – Mixed By Fifties

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    2012-09-06 20:00:03 – Volume 1 – Mixed by Fifties – Tracklist

    1. Tito Puente – Ran Kan Kan (Thunderball Vs Fort Knox Five Remix)
    2. Fort Knox 5 vs Three Dog Night – Mama Told Me (DC’s Finest Remint)
    3. The Pioneers – Funk This Party Out (Rory Hoy Remix)
    4. Foreigner – Cold as ice (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Bootleg)
    5. Squids – Thump (Chamber Remix)
    6. Featurecast – Going, Going Gone (Feat. C Reid)
    7. Jem Stone – Sexymuthaflapper
    8. Skrillex – First Of The Year (Featurecast Remix)
    9. Nero – Crush on You (Kinife Party Remix) (Pimpsoul Refunk)
    10. Edge Of Bass – Head Roc
    11. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Mafia Kiss Got Beef Remix)
    12. Groove Armada – Superstylin’ (The Control Freakz Bootleg)
    13. Herve – Make It Right (Death Rose Cult Remix)
    14. DJ Mujave – Township Funk (Mooqee Edit
    15. Roman D’amour – Make Love Tonight (Peo De Pitte Remix)
    16. Plump Djs VS Tears For Fears
    17. Doctor P & Elite Force – Watch Out (RVMPD)
    18. Micha Black – Lick Me Higher Booty
    19. Rihanna – Where have you been? (Rebel Sketchy Re-edit)
    20. Felguk VS Tim Healey – I’m so Happy
    21. Chemical Brothers, Boys Noize, Bart B More – Yeah Girl Swoon (The Loops Of Fury VIP Bootleg)
    22. Ten Snake – Coma Cat (Stanton Warriors Re-Bump)
    23. Miles Dyson – Trackster (Sychosis Edit)
    24. Mr No Hands VS Bassbin Twins – Adrenaline Ltd
    25. Will Bailey – Spider
    26. Florence & The Machine – Dog Days (Killabit DnB Remix)
    27. Cinematic – Fly (Instrumental)
    28. Kanye – Apache Power (Slyde Re-rub)
    29. Lee Coombs – Rollin’ Remastered
    30. Black Strobe / Elite Force / Loops Of Fury – Bee Strobe (Meat Katie Re-rub)
    31. Rebel Sketchy – Roll Cage
    32. Bad Rabbits – Can’t Back Down (Sneaker & The Dryer VS Toreba Spacedrift Remix)
    33. Shades Of Rhythm – Sounds of Eden (Mafia Kiss Remix)
  • Black Tiger Sex Machine & Dabin - Kill My Soul

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  • Hackers backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data

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    2012-08-18 11:29:20
    And this, my friends, is why we need trust-worthy governments more than ever. The future is now, and politics has yet to catch up with technological advancements. We need open, honest and transparent governments if we are to embrace the next century peacefully; not the corrupt, secretive governments which we've put up with for far too long.

    This latest brain-breakthrough, put in the wrong hands, could quite easily be used by unscrupulous governments worldwide to usher in a nightmare Dystopian future for us all. It would obviously be a gross breach of human rights to impose this technology unwillingly on another human being, but time and time again we see our governments ignoring such pesky annoyances; and who's to say that this technology would have to be forcefully imposed upon someone? Whack a great big Apple logo on the hardware and people will not only wilfully wear such a thing, they'll pay a handsome fortune in order to do so! Such is the way of the sheep.

    It's not a hop-skip-and-a-jump away to take a chip, embed it in this part of the brain, and then stream your 'thoughts' via wireless to some central computer system. I'm sure the NSA would love to extend their 'surveillance' operatives further into this realm... all in the name of keeping you safe from terror mind you. Isn't that the key-trigger-word to gain backing from the public now-a-days? This would be a great weapon to add to their arsenal in the War On Terror, nevermind the fact that the real (mis)use of such a technology would be almost certainly far more sinister... never underestimate the corruption that power brings, and the ability for our governments to go 'rogue'.

    To be honest, I'm more worried (read 'terrified') of our 'democratic' governments' attacks on freedom, civil liberties and human rights, than I am of some once-in-a-blue-moon terrorist attack. Hell, I was a child born of the 80's, and the good folk of Britain didn't lose their collective marbles when we were the victim of terrorist attacks back then. Yet, now it seems we're quite willing to drop all sensibilities and power for rational thought, as soon as the politicians tell us "the threat level is significant"... Really? Because I see more of a threat in our governments' daily actions. If anything, our governments actions continue to breed more and more terrorists (thanks to their ridiculous approach to foreign policy in the Middle East), increasing the risk everyday though, in their pursuit to 'combat terrorism' in their failed 'war on terror'. The word itself is an oxymoron. Are our very actions in this 'War On Terror' not terrorism itself? One need only look at the Collateral Damage video, released by the WikiLeaks organisation some time ago, to see that we our governments are waging a terrorism campaign... and not only that, but they are trying to keep this fact hidden from the people they are supposed to be representing/governing.

    Not once, during all this time, has anyone in any position of power addressed the real reason why these 'terrorists' have done what they have done. Who trained them? Why did they have a problem with the US/UK in the first place? Our governments wrongly feel that the way to 'fix' *their* mess is to go into the home countries of these terrorist, guns blazing... That, on closer inspection, is a dumb move (though, I for one, always thought as much).

    Anyway, the real story here, after our little excursion into rantdom, is this:

    "With a chilling hint of the not-so-distant future, researchers at the Usenix Security conference have demonstrated a zero-day vulnerability in your brain. Using a commercial off-the-shelf brain-computer interface, the researchers have shown that it’s possible to hack your brain, forcing you to reveal information that you’d rather keep secret.

    As we’ve covered in the past, a brain-computer interface is a two-part device: There’s the hardware — which is usually a headset (an EEG; an electroencephalograph) with sensors that rest on your scalp — and software, which processes your brain activity and tries to work out what you’re trying to do (turn left, double click, open box, etc.) BCIs are generally used in a medical setting with very expensive equipment, but in the last few years cheaper, commercial offerings have emerged. For $200-300, you can buy an Emotiv (pictured above) or Neurosky BCI, go through a short training process, and begin mind controlling your computer.

    Both of these commercial BCIs have an API — an interface that allows developers to use the BCI’s output in their own programs. In this case, the security researchers — from the Universities of Oxford and Geneva, and the University of California, Berkeley — created a custom program that was specially designed with the sole purpose of finding out sensitive data, such as the location of your home, your debit card PIN, which bank you use, and your date of birth. The researchers tried out their program on 28 participants (who were cooperative and didn’t know that they were being brain-hacked), and in general the experiments had a 10 to 40% chance of success of obtaining useful information (pictured above).

    To extract this information, the researchers rely on what’s known as the P300 response — a very specific brainwave pattern (pictured right) that occurs when you recognize something that is meaningful (a person’s face), or when you recognize something that fits your current task (a hammer in the shed). The researchers basically designed a program that flashes up pictures of maps, banks, and card PINs, and makes a note every time your brain experiences a P300. Afterwards, it’s easy to pore through the data and work out — with fairly good accuracy — where a person banks, where they live, and so on.

    In a real-world scenario, the researchers foresee a game that is specially tailored by hackers to extract sensitive information from your brain — or perhaps an attack vector that also uses social engineering to lull you into a false sense of security. It’s harder to extract data from someone who knows they’re being attacked — as interrogators and torturers well know.

    Moving forward, this brain hack can only improve in efficacy as BCIs become cheaper, more accurate, and thus more extensively used. Really, your only defense is to not think about the topic — but if you’re proactively on the defensive, then the hacker has already messed up. The only viable solution that I can think of is to ensure that you don’t use your brain-computer interface with shady software, brain malware — but then again, in a science-fictional future, isn’t it almost guaranteed that the government would mandate the inclusion of brain-hacking software in the operating system itself?"