• Hicks on Sharing

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    2012-09-29 17:46:45
  • Unity is Strength

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    2012-09-04 21:22:19
    Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau works for the benefit of cipherspace. Cipherspace is the state of crypto anarchy. This means that your identity is anonymous as long as you stay protected. There are no identities or authorities in cipherspace, and it is not possible to enforce laws where there is no identity, or where there are no authorities.

    Today there are several threats to the inhabitants of the internet. The politicians of oppressive regimes in the east and in the west, in north and south, are imposing surveillance. Surveillance of the entire networks. What people say to each other, what information is transmitted between bots and humans alike.

    This aggression must be met with the strongest encryption algorithms available to modern computers. With onion and garlic routing it is possible to erect the fractal cipherspace. With distributed hash tables it is possible to create networks that has no central node. There is no one that controls the fractal cipherspace. Internet as we know it, turns into darknet.

    Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau recommends that you use the following software: i2p, for anonymous and secure communications, Gnu Privacy Guard, for direct and verified communication. The onion router, TOR, to access the internets.

    Telecomix Munitions is a defense bureau.

    You can change the future of the internets by joining us in defending the networks and creating cipherspace.

    You can help defending yourself and your friends, yes, all inhabitants of the networks.

    By learning a few skills you can take control over technology.

    Telecomix munitions are currently developing and promoting advanced security devices, which can endure even the harshest forms of government or corporation surveillance.

    Your personal computer is an encryption device. Modern hardware can transform plain text to ciphertext with ease. So rapidly you barely notice the difference between unencrypted and encrypted data.

    The laws of mathematics are infinitely stronger than the laws of nations and corporations, as the human laws are really only ink on paper. The laws of mathematics, on the other hand, are the laws that define our very universe. With the use of modern crypto algorithms we can use this fact to defend free speech and the integrity of both bots and humans. Information is nothing but numbers, numbers governed not by human laws, but by the laws of mathematics.

    Networks that utilize the power of cryptography already exist. It will not be possible to stop the spread of the fractal cipherspace.

    To find out more, come to
  • Why I ♥ Linux

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    2012-08-30 19:05:57
  • Diaspora now open for sign-up!

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    2012-08-28 19:10:18
    After 2 years of development in closed beta, the open-source social network Diaspora is now open for sign-up.

    A direct alternative to Facebook, it operates a model that leaves the user in control of their data, instead of the user being locked in and data-mined like on Facebook.

    It has officially been handed to the community as an open-source project, so any can help develop and improve it!
  • Pop culture references for open source principles

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    2012-08-27 12:43:16
    From Nine Inch Nails to Star Trek, open source principles are represented in much of pop culture. Ruth Suehle, community marketing leader for the Fedora Project and moderator of the Life channel at, found this to be a great approach when explaining the open source way to people who don't know much (or don't want to know much) about it's humble beginnings in software. covers the ways open source is far-reaching, into the areas of business, education, government, health, law, and life.